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Website Handover February 2018, and

Inter-Group Setup Information

This is rough – just copied & pasted from the Word document (emailed & postal mailed to all Groups on the Meetings List page).

Hopefully properly ‘anonymised’, so some bits are missing compared to the printed copy sent last week of November 2017.

If for some reason you didn’t receive a printed or emailed copy for your Group – simply email asking for such.

There will, however, be ‘additional information’ available on this page if & when I get time to update it, such as links to further reading on the AA World Services website etc.

Any questions received from Members, I will also try to address on this page, so as to save printing umpteen things again, trips to the post office, etc etc.

The page is Print-Friendly so can be printed by any Member of any Group & taken to their meeting to table for discussion as required.  Won’t quite be as tidy as the Word document originally, but the information will be there.

1)         Covering Letter

Dear Fellowship,

In advance of me stepping down as Webmaster in February 2018, I have prepared as much as I can for the handover of the English Speaking Groups website at

Now, it is over to the Groups in Taiwan to decide how to proceed as per their Group Conscience(s).

As Groups, from a financial point of view – all you need consider are the approximate running costs going forward from end of February 2018.

While obviously grateful to have been of service in some way since building and maintaining the website, it will be 3 and a half years in February, and I cannot continue to fund it myself.  Also, on the personal front, I will be unavailable from the end of February to continue this work as Webmaster.

I guess, according to our Traditions also – this is an ‘AA Groups / Intergroup‘ thing & needs the input & support of all Groups in Taiwan via their Representatives, to see it continue, if that is the conscience of our Groups as a whole.

2)        Approximate Annual Expenditure :-

a) Webserver & Domain Name

I have compiled a list of

  • Service Providers
  • Approximate expenses

that are required to give the website a ‘home’, and this can be seen by following this link –

Those expenses will be the ‘bricks and mortar’ required for the website.

My suggestion for simplicity, would be to use the Service Providers listed, on the spreadsheet linked above.

b) Other Expenditure – Webmaster & Maintenance

In addition to the Webserver & Domain Name Services, a Webmaster will be required to carry out updates, backups, edits to the website, adding new Groups/Meetings, managing the webserver, and communicating with the Groups (or InterGroup if that is the way decided upon), as and when they have changes to make, Events to add, etc etc.

Finding a company to provide the Service to carry out this service should be straightforward.

The website is built on WordPress, which is one of the most widely used platforms on the planet for websites.

Group Representatives / Members can simply search Google for “WordPress Website Support

3)        Handover Schedule :-

February 2018

Any time between now, and the end of February 2018, I can handover all of the below, to the new Webmaster.  It is a ‘hard’ time limit, as well as my no longer being available to do the work, the Webserver will need paying for again then, for the year ahead.

4)        Information Handover to New Webmaster & Group Reps or ‘InterGroup’

The below will allow the new Webmaster to set up the website on your new Webserver

  • Website backups
    • Images
    • Files
    • Database
  • Nameserver/DNS changes.
  • Transfer the Domain Name “” from me, to the legal ownership of the Groups / Intergroup that take it forward.

5)        Information Specifically for New Webmaster :-

    • This is on the Printed & Emailed document, removed here as publicly available.  If for some reason you didn’t receive a printed or emailed copy for your Group – simply email asking for such.

6)        AA World Services Information :-

Some resources that may be of use can be found on the AA world services website at

A couple of note that may be useful are under the Heading ‘A.A. Guidelines’, and perhaps some of the information under ‘Committee Workbooks’ if more than one Group is working together.

7)        Bricks & Mortar Website Analogy :-

As simple as I could make it – ‘Bricks & Mortar’ business terminology on the left >>> and ‘Website’ terminology on the right.

Click the image for a full-sized version.

Hopefully that will make sense.  It is by no means a perfect analogy, but I think it works to remove some of the ‘mystery’ around website terminology.

8)       Inter-Group Information :-

What is an Inter-Group?

from AA World Services – mg-02 – ‘AA Guidelines – Central or Intergroup’

  • “A central or intergroup office is an A.A. service office that involves partnership among groups in a community — just as A.A. groups
    themselves are partnerships of individuals.
  • A central/intergroup office is established to carry out certain functions common to all the groups
    • Service centers usually have no authority on their own account; they derive it from the participating groups. Central/intergroup offices are essentially A.A. service entities, “directly responsible to those they serve,” as described in Tradition Nine. Local group representatives reflect the groups’ conscience in the service center operations.”

So, in terms of ‘hierarchy’, individual Groups & Meetings are the ‘fundamental unit’ within the AA organization, and the Inter-Group is below the Group/Meetings, in service of those Groups, something like this:-

So, over to the Groups of Taiwan, for your consideration.

Please refer to World Services information linked above, if in any doubt of how to proceed.

With Regards,

Webmaster. updated on

  • 5th December 2017
  • 9th December 2017