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Service Positions Etc…

AA Members – Group / Meeting / Admins Info

  • Following the tradition of anonymity, initials only will be displayed below for Service Positions within a Group.  This is mainly to help you as Group Members if / when one of your Members moves City or Country, or you rotate Service Positions within your Group.
  • If you need any of the below updated, or require a new web admin login for your Group Webpage, to update e.g. your phone, meeting address, contact page details etc, email
  • Just remember to email: any time you update the Meeting Info on your Group Webpage (e.g. :-
    • and advise that this page (Service Positions), and also the Meeting List pages need your new Meeting Info updated.

Service Positions Details

  • Most of these will be self-explanatory such as ‘Literature Secretary’, or ‘Treasurer’
  • A brief description of a couple of others:
  • ‘Your-Group-Name’ – Webpage Admin(s):- these are the Member(s) of your Group/Meeting that have Admin access to your Group page (not the AA ‘parent’ website), and have access to update contact details etc (e.g. on
  • Point of Contact for Webmaster:- This is the person the Webmaster will contact to clarify anything he is unsure of.
  • Group Email Recipient(s): These are the people that your ‘anonymous email address’ on your website will forward to.  E.g. ‘’ will forward to the email address that ‘M.L.’ gave to the Webmaster.