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Miscellaneous Help

When emailing webmaster@aataiwan.com, your Name, Group, Web address of the page you’re looking at, and specifics on what problem you have, or what you’d like, will help a lot, because I simply might not remember who you are by your personal Gmail address.

Please be as specific as possible, providing as much information as you can.  The Webmaster is just one of us, with a dodgy memory & spends half of his time dazed & confused, wondering why he walked into the office to do something 😉

I Lost My Username, or Password, or Login Web Address

If you have lost anything, can’t remember your login web address, username, or password, don’t worry.  It happens to all of us!!! 😉

Contact the Webmaster – webmaster@aataiwan.com

New Group / Meeting Website Setup

2 – What Info To Provide For Your Group / Meeting Website

To get you setup, send the following to the Webmaster:-

  1. Who is the primary contact for your Group if the Webmaster needs to verify information?
    1. Name
    2. Email address
  2. Group / Meeting Name (e.g. “Taipei Wednesday”)
  3. Desired Web Address (e.g. “www.aataiwan.com/taipei-wednesday/”)
  4. Desired (‘Anonymous’) Group Email Address to display on your website.  Will also be used for your Contact Form.
    1. E.g. “taipei-wednesday@aataiwan.com”, OR, “lifelinegroup@aataiwan.com”
    2. Who should this forward to? – Their email address here please:
  5. Meeting Time
  6. Meeting Type
  7. Meeting Address (English)
  8. Meeting Address (Chinese)
  9. Phone Contact(s)
    1. Phone Number
    2. Name (For Webmaster’s reference & contact only – never displayed on public facing website)
    3. First & Last Name Initials (For Service Positions page only, not displayed on Meetings List page)

Send the above to the Webmaster using the form below, or at webmaster@aataiwan.com.

3 – Your Group Email Address …. Service Rotation

You want ‘your-group-email@aataiwan.com’ to forward to bob or mollie’s personal or ‘recovery’ email address, and bob or mollie are fine sending emails back to enquiries from that address.

  • To have your anonymous Group email redirected to a new member volunteering for that service
  • Using the Taichung Friday meeting as an example in the following:-
    • e.g. taichung-friday@aataiwan.com is forwarding to Bob
      • at his email address:- “bob@anyemailaddress.com”
  • Service Position is rotating to Mollie
  • Ask Bob to email the webmaster to advise the above, and provide Mollie’s
    • All messages from the Contact Form on your Group Webpage, and email sent to e.g. “taichung-friday@aataiwan.com”, will now be forwarded to Mollie.
  • The Service Volunteer’s email address is only ever ‘Forwarded’ messages from the website and is not shown on the website anywhere.
  • Contact the Webmaster using the form below, or at webmaster@aataiwan.com.
  • I will send a test message to your Group Email address, to make sure it is forwarding to the new Service Volunteer’s email address.

You want to be able to Send, as well as Receive, emails with ‘your-group-name@aataiwan.com’

  • This option involves more ‘setup’ and is a little more technical for you.
  • The ‘benefit’ is that you can then Send email from e.g. “taichung-friday@aataiwan.com”
  • The same details required as Option 1 above – you will need to send your Service Volunteer’s details to the Webmaster :-
  • The Webmaster will send out the login details, username etc for your Group Email address to the Service Volunteer.
  • From here, it’s over to you.
  • The Webmaster cannot help you with setting up your Email Client, or troubleshooting Sending or Receiving Email :-
  • The Service Volunteer will need to search online for instructions on how to setup “your-group-email@aataiwan.com” for their particular Email Client
    • (The Email Client could be e.g. Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc)

Your Group Website – Admin Help Video

Is on your “Dashboard” when you Login using your admin login details.

Meetings List, and Service Positions Pages

Meetings List page and Service Positions pages:-

Contact the Webmaster using the form below, or at webmaster@aataiwan.com.  Let me know the new details on your Homegroup’s page are now updated, and I’ll use that info to update the Meetings List, and Service Positions pages.

General Help on Every Admin Page

When you are logged in as the Admin for your Group webpage, there are usually 1 or 2 places on your Admin screen to click for Help.

  • One says ‘Help’, towards the top right of most Admin pages.
  • and the other is a ‘Help Icon’ – when you are Editing a page such as your Contact page for your Group.

Refreshing Your Webpage

Long story short – sometimes when we update webpages, the ‘cached’ version on your PC, Mac or phone/tablet does not update.

Here are some links for Emptying the Cache with common Web Browsers:-

For Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer

Chrome on Android phones / tablets

Safari on Apple (iPad / iPhone)


Screenshots (as well as the web address of the page you are looking at) are extremely helpful when letting the Webmaster know what you want changed, or if you’ve spotted something that’s broken.

The steps are simple:

  1. Web Address
    1. Select and copy the whole web address from your browser, e.g. www.aataiwan.com/events
    2. Open up a new email to webmaster@aataiwan.com
    3. Click into the message area of the email, and press ‘Ctrl’ + ‘V’ keys at the same time.  Or right-click > paste.
    4. That’s the web address of the page pasted into your email
  2. Screenshot
    1. Now, back to the webpage you are looking at on AA Taiwan –
    2. press the ‘PrtScr’ key on your keyboard – usually above the backspace key somewhere.
    3. Back into your new email, click into the message body again
    4. Again, it’s ‘Ctrl’ + ‘V’ keys at the same time.  Or right-click > paste.

See the following quick video for how to capture a screenshot on your desktop.

Images – Sending to Webmaster

jpg or png file formats are fine.

See the following video for cropping your image before sending it to webmaster@aataiwan.com

Just ignore the ‘resize’ instructions, and go straight to Save after cropping.