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The Lighthouse Group of Alcoholics Anonymous

Friday — Closed AA Grapevine Candlelight Meeting 20:15-21:15 New Taipei City Banciao District

Meeting Type: Closed — AA Grapevine Candlelight Topic Meeting

Address: Banciao District, Grace Light Church, No. 61, Beimen St., 1F (200m from Lin Family Mansion & Garden)

MRT: Blue Line (Nangang/Dingpu) Fuzhong Station, Exit 3 (Ubike station 50m from meeting location)

Taxi: 新北市板橋區北門街61號1樓


AA Taiwan-Lighthouse Group

Contact: +886-932330267

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6th Annual Taiwan AA Roundup

April 2021

The Lighthouse Group would like to express our deepest gratitude to everyone who was planning to participate in our 5th Annual Taiwan AA Roundup in April 2020, which was cancelled due to the Coronavirus. Our 6th Annual Taiwan AA Roundup meets every third Friday from 21:15-21:45 after the Grapevine Candlelight meeting.  We invite all AA members islandwide to come join us in the planning and organizing of the 6th Annual Taiwan AA Roundup. Please contact the number or email above if you are interested in doing service during the 2021 Roundup.